Meditation Guide For Newbies

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Meditation Guide For Newbies

When you are looking for a meditation guide to transform your life and achieve peace of mind, there are some basics that need to be explored. Peacefulness is an all encompassing state of mind that can only be achieved by being in touch with yourself and being able to recognize what you need and want from life. For many people, this process is more than just mildly interested in the process of meditation. It becomes a passion. What does it take to achieve peace of mind?

The first thing that needs to be done is finding a suitable meditation technique that is right for you. Guided meditation refers to a type of meditation that uses a variety of different methods to reach or improve the meditative state, but using a single mantra meditation technique. It can either be meditation done with the assistance of a skilled teacher or practitioner, or it can be through the application of various visualization, music, and so forth.

In my opinion guided meditations should always be done with the assistance of another person. While doing meditation practice on your own, you are basically alone and free to do just as you want, when you want. The peace and solace that this form of meditation can bring are amazing. While meditating with someone else, the similarities between the two states of mind are usually lessened due to your shared experience. It can also help relieve stress and anxiety that may accompany the other forms of meditation.

The next step is deciding what form of guided meditations you would like to do. You can choose to meditate sitting down and focusing on a mantra, something that will remind you to focus on being in charge of your thoughts. There are many different versions of mantras and some people have a favorite. Other people prefer to start out with pure mindfulness, breathing deeply and observing the present moment. Whichever you choose, you can start to get started right away by focusing your attention and awareness to the spot on your body where you will be sitting.

The last part of getting started with guided meditation techniques is to choose a personalized mantra or custom hypnosis CD. You will find that there are thousands of free mantra recordings online. Simply do a quick search and you’ll find a myriad of choices. If you are new to guided meditation techniques, I recommend checking out some of the more popular ones such as guided imagery, heart meditation, or flower meditation. Each of these have a wide range of uses and can be used on their own or as an addendum to any of the other forms of meditation techniques.

Now that you have chosen your guided meditation technique or custom made meditation CD, the main thing is to start practicing. Simply close your eyes and start breathing slowly, taking long and deep breaths. As you focus on each breath you take, envision that it is filling a space in your body and feeling its energy. This visualization will help you get into the state of mind of relaxation and deep focus. When the eyes are open, you may want to use the custom hypnosis CD for some suggestions about your physical actions and thoughts during your meditation practice.